Top South America Cities

South America is a great continent full of diverse countries and some amazing places. Extending in the icy snow of Chile to the Caribbean coastline of Cartagena’s, this region is a shedding pot of different ethnicities.

The best cities in South America are a party for the senses, whether you’re interested in frolic over a tropical seaside or explore a rich history. We’ve rounded up 15 of the best areas to the continent, right from a city where skyscrapers and mountains nearly meet to you where you can encounter the mighty Consulente Moreno Glacier in the cardiovascular of the metropolis.

Paramaribo, Suriname

If you want to travel to spots where Dutch colonised the terrain, you’ll like the colonial majesty of this small country’s capital. Having a mix of Creole, intercontinental and indigenous culture, this kind of UNESCO Globe Heritage Web page is a true shedding pot.

Santiago, Republic of chile

As the biggest and most cosmopolitan capital in Latin America, Santiago is a attractive place to check out for all age groups. The skyscrapers of its modern day downtown compare with the towering peaks for the surrounding mountains and provide the backdrop with regards to art extending from pre-Colombian to modern.

Bogota, Colombia

Nowadays, the Colombian capital has got cleaned up its federal act and, bless you towards the success of Netflix’s Narcos series, is now one of the most attractive hot latina chick cities in South America meant for expats. Collection at the feet of the Andes, the city’s impacting architecture presents impressive vistas across the mountains and its buzzing pavements are home to art shops and cultural attractions.

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