Wedding party Traditions in Brazil

If you are planning a wedding in Brazil, there are a few important traditions you should know about. They can be a part of the Brazilian traditions and are unique to this Southern region American land.


Brazilian grooms usually wear a tie at their marriage, even towards the reception. It’s not uncommon to allow them to gift a particular tie to each of their groomsmen and close family members.

Tie up cutting

One of the most interesting traditions by a B razil wedding can be when one of the groomsmen or close relatives removes the groom’s tie throughout the reception and cuts it up in tiny pieces. These pieces are after that auctioned away at the end within the night to help fund the couple’s vacation.


Shortly after launching their bridal, the couple selects their family and friends, who will typically end up being older loved ones or close good friends. They may also provide the option to put a best gentleman and maid of honor.

The Ceremony

Many Brazilians are Catholic, therefore a religious wedding party is very common. It’s generally held in a cathedral and can last anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half (or longer! ).


Taming a donkey is a B razil tradition this does not exist in other cultures, nonetheless is still viewed as very unique. It’s a method for the groom to show his worthiness to the bride’s father.

Pre-wedding ceremonies

Before a couple could possibly get married, they must get a marriage license at the cartorio (not like brazilian women for marriage a courthouse, although private institutions that can sign the marriage certificate). This occurs a few days ahead of the wedding day and requires two witnesses, preferably padrinhos.

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